About Us

A Property is one of the largest assets any person or company can have. Building Information Management Systems Corp.

(BIMS) saw a need for an interconnected system of softwares that would make managing property information easier for all involved. After many years of research, design and development, BIMS is proud to release this part of the Property Linkware* Ecosystem; Link Inspect Pro (LIP).

Link Inspect Pro was developed to help inspection companies manage their inspections and relationships with their clients. The team behind LIP has over 30 years of experience performing and managing inspections of residential, commercial, and industrial properties for condition and compliance. Using this knowledge and experience, the team created a platform for any individual inspector or company to start with a Lead, take it through sending and signing a Quote, Scheduling and Performing the Inspection, and ultimately creating a professional Final Report and Invoice. Also built into the application are robust scheduling, lead generation, and advertising opportunities for both potential and existing clients.

Unique to LIP is the ability to include Asset inspections to any inspection template and for full inspection details, including assets, to be available to clients on PropertyOrganizer.com. Inspection companies can start with a preloaded Inspection template or create their own allowing the company to perform any kind of inspection needed. After the inspection is completed the client instantly has access to the final report and all the details are loaded into their dashboard.

Our goal is to simplify the inspection process so any inspector or company can focus on growing their business while performing quality inspections. To give peace of mind, all your data is stored for many years using 256-bit advanced encryption, secure servers so you can keep track of all your reports and inspection histories and with 99.99% uptime and daily offsite backups of the servers, your data will always be accessible and safe.

Property Linkware* Ecosystem

Link Inspect Pro is but one of the applications in the Property Linkware Ecosystem of applications. Property Organizer is another tool created to assist property owners, tenants, and managers organize their property. From scheduling recurring maintenance items and keeping a shared task list, to requesting inspections and maintaining a full asset and fixture inventory, Property Organizer is the perfect tool to store all your property data and documents in one safe location