Commercial Building Inspection – What do Inspectors Look For?

The value of a commercial building inspection cannot be overstated. They’re helpful in various scenarios, including be it for new construction and or for existing properties. In addition, having your commercial property inspected regularly is an essential component of maintaining the security and efficacy of your company. A building inspection aims to establish a safe and livable environment for the tenants and other people who will be spending time in the building. In addition to facilitating effective coordination with contractors, an inspection can validate stakeholder decisions regarding upgrades or repairs to specific areas of the property. Here’s how a commercial […]

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Petroleum Storage Tank Inspection Checklist

Petroleum Storage Tank Inspection Checklist Your petroleum tank is one of the least noticeable elements at your petroleum property unless it gives you trouble. Besides, you are forced to realize its regulatory significance only during a tank compliance inspection when you have to experience a comprehensive check from a qualified inspector.  Hopefully, you are completing your own regularly scheduled compliance inspections prior to an inspection by a regulatory agency that may issue notices of violation, expensive penalties, and possible court dates. Remember, getting regular Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) inspections is crucial to keep your petroleum storage systems in good condition […]

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Preparing For An Insurance Inspection

How to Prepare for an Insurance Inspection You can’t afford to be uneasy about your financial future when you own a home. Getting notice for an insurance inspection after you’ve acquired a policy is nothing to be alarmed about; it happens all the time in the insurance industry. However, you may have to wait up to 90 days after signing a policy to determine if your house needs an inspection. At Link Inspect Pro, the process is simple as an inspector will show up at your front door to begin the procedure, which is very straightforward and takes only a […]

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A Complete Guide to 4-Point Inspections

A common question asked for new homeowners, “What is a 4-point inspection?” This inspection gives a homeowners insurance company direct insight into the current condition of your house, examining four major systems: roofing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. What is a 4-Point Inspection? A 4-point inspection is a way to assess the overall condition of a home. The inspection services include reviewing four major components:  Electrical Plumbing Roofing HVAC Inspection services contribute significantly to the decision of buying a home. It will reveal any issues with the property related to the above-mentioned aspects so that you can make an informed decision […]

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Factors to Consider for Property Inspections in 2022

Property inspections are crucial when renovating, building, selling, or renting your home. Local governments, landlords, and/or third-parties such as a potential buyers or insurers require proper inspections be completed regularly. Often, individuals prefer to hire inspectors from agencies or other third-party contractors who offer specialized inspections and services.  At Link Inspect Pro, we understand the purpose and significance of property inspection and hence would like to inform you of the key factors to consider for property inspection in 2022: Reasons To Schedule A Property Inspection Essentials To Be Mindful Of During Property Inspection How To Choose A Reliable Inspector? Things […]

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Example Bid Specification Language

Compliance inspections are to be completed on a tank systems basis inclusive of inspecting all systems/components to determine if the system is in compliance with all aspects of agencies of jurisdiction requirements and verification that all components are in operating condition. The inspection must be performed on a digital device as part of a Saas Solution available to the Facility/Owner for digital report storage. The SaaS solution should be comprised of at least two (2) parts; an inspection module and property management module.

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