Example Bid Specification Language

Compliance inspections are to be completed on a tank systems basis inclusive of inspecting all systems/components to determine if the system is in compliance with all aspects of agencies of jurisdiction requirements and verification that all components are in operating condition. The inspection must be performed on a digital device as part of a Saas Solution available to the Facility/Owner for digital report storage. The SaaS solution should be comprised of at least two (2) parts; an inspection module and property management module.

It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to perform all related work in strict accordance with acceptable industry standards, and appropriate standard procedures for said inspections. All work shall be performed in cooperation with the Facility/Owner to avoid interruption of services.

It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to provide, in digital format, prior to the inspection a quote directly generated from the inspection module including at minimum the inspection details including clients’ information, inspection property information, anticipated scheduled date and time, estimated length, services, and prices.

Contractor must be able to provide subscription service as a material to Facility/Owner for inspections and weekly/monthly walkthrough inspections using a Regulatory approved template.

Once each inspection is competed it is the sole responsibility of the contractor to deliver a final inspection report in digital format to the Facility/Owner including pictures, assets/equipment, conditions, and any recommendations for repairs to address any deficiencies found as per regulations.

All final reports should be accessible on an indefinite basis by the Facility/Owner in the separate property management module. Report storage should meet Regulatory record retention requirements to ensure Facility/Owners stay in compliance.

Minimum acceptable inspection requirements can be viewed at https://linkinspectpro.com/bids using pin number xxxx

SaaS Solution Requirements:

Inspection Module:

  1. No limit to the number of users accessing the system
  2. Must be different user levels with unique access to inspections and data based on appropriate permissions
  3. Mobile applications for both Android and iOS must be available in applicable public app store
  4. Inspections must be able to be performed both online and offline on mobile devices
  5. Pictures taken during the inspection must be able to be marked up and captioned
  6. Inspections must be able to use device GPS location services for location validation to confirm the inspector is on site before beginning inspections
  7. Multiple inspectors must be able to perform an inspection simultaneously
  8. Attachments must be able to be added to inspection reports
  9. Ability to view inspection details and pictures while the inspection is in progress from other authorized user accounts and devices
  10. Accept electronic signatures as a means of inspection completion/approval by both client and/or inspector users
  11. Ability to highlight items during the inspection so that system automatically generates a summary section of identified items
  12. Automatically generate final inspection report upon completion by inspector(s)
  13. Ability to collect condition assessment data of assets
  14. Must have approved template from NCDOH to be utilized by District for weekly/monthly walkthrough inspections

Property Module:

  1. Provide a central portal providing access to all properties and buildings for all authorized users
  2. No limit to the number of authorized users accessing the system
  3. Users must be able to have different roles and access with unique permissions per property
  4. Unauthorized or improper users must not have access to data at any time
  5. Internal and external notifications (alerts, email)
  6. Able to track inspection statuses and progress
  7. Organized storage system broken down by property and location within each property
  8. Project tracking including document upload, image upload, asset tagging, and vendor contacts
  9. Ability to create maintenance schedules and task lists
  10. Ability to assign tasks to an individual or a group of users
  11. Ability to create assets tied to a specific location within a property with information fields, storage for pictures and file uploads, tagged associated vendors, and warranty tracking
  12. Ability to view inspection histories of assets
  13. Asset conditions color coded based on inspection results

Integration of Modules:

  1. Contractor must be able to perform inspections with inspection data and final report automatically accessible within each property by authorized District users using the property module
  2. Inspection module users should be able to add assets to District properties that are accessible by authorized District users on property module
  3. Assets added by District users should be able to be inspected by authorized inspection module users with the results being added to the assets history within the property module, accessible by the appropriate District users
  4. Scheduled inspections to be performed on the inspection module should appear on a calendar within the property module for appropriate District users to view

Property Linkware: Link Inspect Pro and Property Organizer modules

Acceptable Application:

(www.linkinspectpro.com and www.propertyorganizer.com) or equal

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