Be In Compliance

We work directly with governing agencies at Federal, State, and County levels to develop approved compliance inspection templates. Facility Directors can be sure they meet regulations when doing their mandated inspections using these templates.

  • Agency-Approved Templates
  • Record Retention
  • Erase Headaches

Record Retention

Your reports are safely stored on the cloud forever and in Property Organizer. Access your reports, track assets, create maintenance schedules, and more, all with having peace of mind knowing your reports are always accessible from any device and backed up daily, thus meeting all record retention requirements from governing agencies.

  • Reports safe and secure in the Cloud
  • Reports accessible from any device
  • Go Green and reduce paper

Preventive Maintenance

Unit ventilators, boilers, generators, tanks, and the bevy of other expensive equipment that districts have require maintenance and upkeep to keep them running properly. Assets can be tracked including data like serial numbers and filter sizes, documents and pictures uploaded like warranties and user guides, and color-coded histories created so you can quickly see entire maintenance and inspection histories at a glance.

  • Asset Tracking
  • Lessen likelihood of failing equipment
  • See scheduled inspections at a glance

Customize the App

Easily create custom templates to perform any kind of inspections such as playground inspections, unit ventilator inspections, walkthrough inspections, tank and TMS inspections, boiler inspections, and more. Our clients have created hundreds of different inspection templates to meet all their inspection needs. Contact us today to help digitize your current checklists and forms.

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Enhance Comprehensiveness
  • Easy Information Look-Up

Identify Concerns Before They Happen

Governing agencies are never shy about issuing violations that can come with hefty fines, and all districts strive to be in compliance to avoid these headaches. Link Inspect Pro allows districts to schedule recurring inspections at all their buildings and Facility Directors and Managers can watch as custodians and maintenance crews complete them each day.

Perform a mix of mandated compliance inspections and preventative checks of your facilities to find and prevent future problems. From finding and patching a hole in the playground before a student falls to replacing filters on unit ventilators before they stop working, preventative inspections ensure all facets of your district are being checked regularly and you can find and fix concerns before they turn into serious problems and potentially violations.

Inspections can be performed from any mobile device with apps available in Android and iOS app stores. Perform inspections online or in offline mode with data syncing automatically when there is a connection again. Whether in the playground, on the roof, or in the boiler room, your data and reports will be saved to the cloud, managed by Amazon Web Services, where it is always accessible, encrypted, and backed up daily.

Additional Features

Sample Templates

Some example templates our clients are using are below. Let us digitize your current inspection checklists today.

  • Weekly/Monthly Tank and TMS Inspection
  • Playground Inspection
  • Boiler Inspections
  • Containment Sump Integrity
  • Tank Compliance Inspection
  • Unit Ventilator Inspection
  • Hot Water Tank Inspection
  • Automatic Line Leak Detector Performance Test
  • Exhaust Fan Inspection
  • PBS Tank System Functionality Test
  • Emergency Generator Inspection
  • Refrigeration Equipment Inspection
  • Overfill Alarm Operation Inspection
  • UST Operation and Maintenance Walkthrough Inspection
  • Fire Suppression Inspection
  • Crawlspace Inspection
  • Spill Bucket Integrity Testing
  • Spill Monitoring Inspection
  • Emergency Lighting Inspection

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