With countless features, Link Inspect Pro is one of the most robust inspection softwares available.  And the best part?  Our software and features are always expanding so if you are looking for a specific feature, it might just be an update away.

Feature highlights include:


Tailor many sections to fit your company needs, some of which include:
  • Inspection Templates
  • Quote Verbiage
  • Contract Language
  • Report Definitions
  • Report Summary
  • Offered Services
  • Asset Category Groups
  • Contact Groups
  • Add an Order Form directly to your website
  • And more

Perform Inspections      

Preloaded Templates - From a house inspection to an apartment or even just a roof, use one of our preloaded templates to get to work with minimal setup time
Efficient - Quickly and easily go through the inspection workflow
Digital Signatures - Have clients sign invoices or contracts on site simply with their finger or a stylus
Picture Markup - Markup pictures with arrows, circles, boxes, or lines while also annotating with text
Work Offline - Using too much data or have a weak signal?  Perform your inspection while offline and the data syncs automatically when you connect again
Simultaneous Inspections  Multiple inspectors can complete an inspection at the same time, with data syncing
Asset Tracking - Add assets to inspection properties to give a more thorough report and create a history for that property

Create Reports

Professional Look - Sleek reports that can be customized and delivered to the client before you even leave the site from any device
Write Reports Anywhere - Write and finish your reports from any device, anywhere
Client Access - Clients can view the report at any time online or email them the report as a .pdf
Automatic Invoices - See line items from the signed contract and add other charges or issue discounts while onsite
Revisions at Any Time - Forgot to add a comment?  Revise a report at any time and resend to your client
Pictures - Pictures attach to specific items and rooms as you take them or you can take all the pictures and assign them later instead

Stay Organized

Company Calendar - Both company wide and individual calendars help you maintain your schedule
Full History - Go to any Contact to see a history of quotes, contracts, and reports done for that client
Task List - Keep a task list to make sure no items are forgotten
Leads & Quotes Tracking - Starting as a Lead, to a Quote, and finally to a Contract or Rejection, we help you stay organized so nothing gets lost along the way
Unlimited Users - Whether you are an individual or a large company, there are no limits on how many users access the system and we scale to fit your needs
User Management - Quickly add users and assign them to user classes with different levels of access
Real-time Sync - Data is uploaded to the cloud in real time so it can be viewed from any device while you’re still working
Statistics & Graphs - From revenue and profit, to how far you have travelled, view many statistics and breakdowns with multiple range options

Advanced System

Cloud Based - Access from anywhere, at any time, on any device
Always Up-to-date - Automatic updates ensure you are always using the most up-to-date version
Ease of Use - After using the software just a short while and spending just a little time with our how-to guides you should be an expert in no time
Fast Setup - Simply enter some basic information and you can jump right into performing inspections
Free Support - Have a problem or a question?  Email us 7 days a week
Simple Pricing - You pay simply for the reports you do each month
No Commitments - With month to month pricing and no setup fee, cancel at anytime
Secure - Hosted by Amazon Web Services, our system has a 99.99% uptime and is backed up daily to ensure you're company is always running and your data is secure
Compatibility - Web app is compatible with any OS and most browsers, while mobile apps work on iPhone, iPad, and any Android device

Partnerships & Integrations

Google Maps - Google Maps helps you confirm the proper address is being inspected
Calendars - Integrate your schedule with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or iCal so you never miss an appointment again

*Note application is in Beta mode. See Terms and Conditions for more information.